Youtube is celebrating Geek Week and today is Super Wednesday. If you're like me "Geek Week" is everyday. It's like St. Patrick's Day except with Star Wars Cantina music and energy drinks.

Everything these days is considered geek. I attribute this to the "Big Bang Theory" but that's a different conversation.

The Nerdist Channel has a every corner of nerd/pop culture covered on the Internet. They have various comedy podcasts and youtube shows to fit every nerd obsession. WWE Superstar CM Punk has a youtube show where he takes tweets or emails and corrects the writer's poor grammar. (Warning: The language used isn't your typical "WWE Family entertainment")

Who knew Larry King is a comic book geek? His top 10 superhero list is another reason to wear your heart on your sleeve with pride. I do have to disagree with his #3 choice. Batman is always number one in my heart.

Stan Lee is one of the guys that we will be eternally grateful from now until the end of time for our love of vigilantes in spandex. The 90 year old creative machine has a youtube channel called World of Heroes. "Piano: Cosplay" is a segment where the stunning Sonya Belousova dresses up as a comic character and covers the theme song associated with that character. In this video she's decked out as Catwoman performing the Danny Elfman Batman theme while adding her personal twist.

Can't forget about the villains. What's a good hero with out a homicidal maniac that wants the people of Gotham to die smiling? They aren't dating material though. They use  groupons.

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