Octomom shows off 'surgery-free' bikini bod. Surgery-free? Riiiiight.

2010-01-24T16:30:00Z Octomom shows off 'surgery-free' bikini bod. Surgery-free? Riiiiight.Jaynelle Ramon Arizona Daily Star Arizona Daily Star

Nadya Suleman, better known as Octomom, is on the cover of the current issue of Star magazine showing off her slim body in a red bikini.

Suleman claims to have gone from 270 pounds when pregnant with octuplets to a current 120 pounds.

And she claims that her new flat, stretch-mark free belly is the result of diet, exercise and other natural methods.

"No way, I would feel like I cheated," she says in the magazine. "I wanted to prove to myself that I can do it on my own, naturally. My friends call me Rubber Band because I always snapped back so quickly after my other kids!"

Yep, she wants us to believe that there were no miralcles of modern plastic surgery involved.

As if the 14 kids weren't enough to prove she's crazy this does it.

At the height of her pregnancy her stomach looked like this...

Sorry, but no amount of diet and exercise can fix that.

That takes the hands of a skilled surgeon.



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