It’s nearly summer, but the academic calendar is still heating up. The University of Arizona Press has a strong slate of new releases for anyone interested in topics from global conservation efforts to poetry and performance. As a scholarly press, the mission is to publish books of lasting value.

New Lives for Ancient and Extinct Crops ($65 hardcover)

An impressive cast of experts brings together the archaeology of “lost crops,” shedding light on their ancient and future uses. The contributors — archaeologists, botanists, and anthropologists — profile nine plant species (maygrass, chenopod, marsh elder, agave, little barley, chia, arrowroot, little millet, and bitter vetch) that were important to human diets and medicinal uses in antiquity.

Nature Inc. ($60 hardcover)

The first book in the Press’s newly launched Critical Green Engagements series, Nature Inc. brings together innovative research to analyze how conservation efforts are reshaping human-nature relations. It’s a unique thought- provoking investigation of the commodification and commercialization of the environmental movement.

A Passion for the True and Just ($55 hardcover)

Most people credit “The Indian New Deal” to John Collier, ignoring the vital contributions of Felix and Lucy Kramer Cohen, the unsung heroes behind Roosevelt’s radical reversal of U.S. Indian policy. The Cohens’ uncompromising commitment to the “true and the just,” rooted in their Jewish intellectual and moral heritage, and Social Democrat principles played a major role in changing American legal philosophy. This book tells their story.

Just Between Us ($24.95 paperback)

By looking at Mexican machismo, author Nuñez Noriega presents cutting-edge research that challenges definitions of sex, gender, and identity. Ultimately breaking down the barriers between genders, Just Between Us promotes new thinking on dominant conventions of masculinity.

Beyond the Page ($50 hardcover)

In this groundbreaking book, author Jill S. Kuhnheim examines the performance of poetry to show how it travels outside of writing, eventually becoming part of the cultural consciousness. She explores a range of performances from early 20th-century recitations to 21st-century films, CDs and Internet renditions.

Diné Perspectives ($29.95 paperback)

This landmark publication is the first anthology written completely by leading Navajo writers and scholars. The collection features powerful and personal testaments to what it means to be Diné. It offers readers intellectual discussion on living the Navajo way in an era of modernity and change.

Holly Schaffer is the publicity manager at the University of Arizona Press. She is an avid reader and literary activist in Tucson.