“Love Abideth Still: A Novel of the Civil War” by Scott R. Rezer

(Create Space, $12.99)

Part romance and part history, “Love Abideth Still” mixes family genealogy, fiction and historical events such as the Second Battle of Bull Run.

Rezer paints a grim picture of Civil War army life — much of it recorded by a Union volunteer from Pennsylvania in letters to his wife.

Rezer’s narrative is based on careful research. He also shows, quietly and sympathetically, that the lives of those left at home in Philadelphia were filled with loss.

“Phoebe’s Journey” by Kay Weede

(Self published, $12.95)

In 1856, the Quaker Coffin family travels from their home in Indiana to farmland in Iowa.

They travel by wagon with their nine children and all their worldly goods and livestock. They are joined by a fugitive slave who is on her way to connect with the Underground Railroad in Illinois.

Based on diary notes kept by the mother, Rachel Coffin, Weede presents an interesting picture of life and travel in pre-Civil War America.

“Colorado, the Flying Horse: A True Arizona Story” by Suzanne M. Malpass

(Mascot Books, $12.95)

Young readers will enjoy this story of how Colorado the horse is rescued after being swept into a raging river. This engaging tale includes pleasing illustrations by Trisha Morgan.

“Death in Emily 3: A Morgan Westphal Mystery” by Preston Holtry

(Moonshine Cove Publishing, $13.95)

A retired military man, Holtry mixes mystery, mining history and romance in this well-written and well-paced story, which offers a look at mining in the West circa 1913.

Westphal, a private detective, responds to a call for help from his half brother, who is accused of killing a fellow miner in southern Arizona. However, it turns out to be much more than simple murder.

“5 S.T.E.P.S. to Being Your Own Patient Advocate” by Cristy L. Kessler with Sharon K. Miller

(Buckskin Books, $9.99)

Now in her 40s, Kessler has battled one medical problem after another most of her life. Her most recent experience involved going to Turkey for a stem cell transplant. But she has not done it alone.

She has been surrounded and encouraged by friends, colleagues and physicians. How to organize these supporters into effective working teams is one of the themes of this book. Miller, herself a transplant recipient, has organized Kessler’s incredible treatment history.

“The Map, the Star and the Monster: Book One of the Reidy Chronicles” by Jude Michael Connors

(Libbaeus Publishing LLC, $9.99)

Another entry in the vampire canon. Tom Reidy is a member of the Order of St. George, a small group dedicated to destroying vicious monsters. In this complicated novel, Phoenix is under siege, and Reidy takes the lead in attempting to ferret out the identity and intent of those who threaten its residents.

“Stone’s Ghost: A Novel of Redemption” by Melissa Bowersock

(New Moon Publishing, $9.99)

A nicely plotted story in which Matthew Stone, who lives in Lake Havasu near the famously transplanted London Bridge, solves a personal crisis with the help of one of the bridge’s ghosts.

“Creating a Happy Retirement: A Workbook for Planning the Life You Want” by Ronald W. Richardson and Lois A. Richardson

(Self-Counsel Press, Eldercare, $14.95)

It takes more than money to make a happy retirement in the opinion of the Richardsons.

Combining their experiences in family counseling (and journalism), they have produced a readable book with a list of essentials and suggestions for how to achieve successful retirement.

“Howling and Chattering of the Elders” by Phyllis Hoag

(Self-published, $14.95)

A group of senior citizens takes a 2-week trip to Costa Rica. Each night, one member of the group entertains with a brief simple story or anecdote.

“What Killed America” by Victor H. Richardson

(OR Publishers, $19.95)

A lifetime of thought and reading has produced this philosophical take on our times. Richardson, drawing from a foundation in Jesus, is deeply critical of the current state of events, which he sees as building for many years. An index would be of help to potential readers.

“Goldenlocks and Her 3 Homes” by Joyce Sanford

(Outskirts Press, $24.95)

Goldenlocks is a lively Golden Retriever who has some trouble finding the perfect home. The proceeds of this book are dedicated to Golden Retriever Rescue.