Pass through our part of the world, even on a pre-monsoon, hotter-than-heck summer day, and you'll notice two things.

Southern Arizonans like basketball - and we love pizza.

It's about time we combined the two.

Introducing Pizza Madness, our take on the greatest tournament in sports. Over the next six weeks, Caliente will pit Southern Arizona's 32 best pizza spots against one another in a showdown for a greasy, presumably-garlic-scented crown.

Got a favorite? Vote on every matchup on the Star's Facebook page over the next few weeks. Brooklyn Pizza Company and Rocco's are the top two seeds based on pretournament reader feedback. A smattering of other pies, from Mama('s) and Grandma (Tony's) to Sauce and New York - twice, there's NY Pizza and NYPD in our game - will try to take them down.

The winning restaurant will be unveiled Sept. 12, where -and we're just guessing here - a banner made of super-thin dough will be raised to the rafters. Nets made of string cheese will be cut down and, of course, consumed. Garlic knots will be turned into flashy title rings. Someone will sing "One Shining Moment" in Italian.

That comes later. For now, grab your red pepper flakes and a heap of napkins. It's tip-off time.

Sports editor Ryan Finley is moonlighting in Caliente as a bracketologist and discerning pizza eater. You can find him on Twitter @ryan_finley