Over the past year, Tucson native Chris McCaleb has moved from meth makers in Albuquerque to the unruly undead in suburban Georgia.

McCaleb, a Catalina Foothills High School graduate, is an assistant editor in Los Angeles, who worked with Emmy-winning editor Kelley Dixon on the final season of AMC’s “Breaking Bad.” McCaleb is on Dixon’s team for the fourth season of “The Walking Dead.”  on the cable channel

The show returns Sunday.

McCaleb, 35, took a moment this week to speak with Caliente.

How does working on “The Walking Dead” compare to working on “Breaking Bad?” “This is a much more technically intense show than ‘Breaking Bad’ was. There are a lot more visual effects and sound effects that are required in order to have it make sense. When they shoot, the zombies aren’t making any noises. ...A lot of times, they shoot that stuff silent. It is up to us to bring it to life with sound.”

What are your responsibilities? “I do anything Kelley needs me to do. ... It is a lot more assistant-focused than ‘Breaking Bad’ because there is a lot more to wrangle.

“Every editor has a specific style. The art of editing is finding the best way to tell a story.”

Do you feel your skills in editing would help you at all in the event of a zombie uprising? “I certainly haven’t been building up strength working in film and television. I think a big part of my job is being forced to think creatively. In that sense, I might have a leg up.”