Plain, frosted, studded with walnuts - there's no discriminating when it comes to brownies.

You love 'em all.

In our recent Food Fight, readers waxed poetic about all the chocolatey treats found around town and even beyond.

"The best brownies . . . are found a few miles outside of Tucson, at the Ironwood Terrace at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum," wrote Margaret Lacey, a museum volunteer and retired air traffic controller. "These brownies, first of all, are huge: about 4 inches by 4 inches square. It's as if they were cooked in a square pan and then cut in quarters. They are full of the freshest walnuts I have ever eaten, and have a light chocolate glaze on top. The brownie dough, however, is what makes these so good: very dark and rich, and not so sweet."

Rincon Market garnered votes for its staggering assortment. The dessert case carries seven kinds on a daily basis, says Kelly Abbott, who along with her husband, Ron, has owned the eatery for the past three years. The varieties are mind-blowing: mint, raspberry, caramel, cheesecake, just for starters.

"They're scratch-baked and they're consistently fabulous," Kelly Abbott said in a phone interview. "They're very dense."

The chocolate-chip peanut butter and rocky road varieties sell out the fastest. Rincon's brownies, typically its top seller, go for $1.59. Though they're served cold from the dessert case, Abbott said she likes to let a brownie warm to room temperature before devouring it. "I like to pull 'em apart," she said.

Of course, some like to take that one step further and eat their brownies warm, as they're offered at Pastiche Modern Eatery. The restaurant serves its brownies beneath a melting scoop of coffee ice cream. Laura Adams, president of Tucson Jazz Institute Parent Boosters, proclaimed the dessert "brownie heaven."

Call-center manager Patrick Lukas seconded that. "Mmmm," he wrote, "just melts in your mouth."

Warm it up or eat it as-is, either way Arizona Bagel & Deli's brownies won't disappoint, according to Bernadette "Bernie" Mycynek.

"The brownies are very chocolatey and chewy, definitely taking care of your 'chocolate fix,' wrote Mycynek, who's retired. "There actually is a little young lady who makes them (along with other baked goods) fresh every weekday starting at 3 a.m. Warm 'em up and top with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream, and you're satisfied for a long time."

The Contenders

• Arizona Bagel & Deli, 177 N. Church Ave.

• B Line, 621 N. Fourth Ave.

• Boston Market, several locations.

• Fuddruckers, 6118 E. Speedway.

• Ironwood Terrace Restaurant, at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, 2021 N. Kinney Road.

• Lovin' Spoonfuls, 2990 N. Campbell Ave.

• Nadines Bakery and Susie's Cafe, 4553 E. Broadway.

• Pastiche Modern Eatery, 3025 N. Campbell Ave.

• Raging Sage, 2458 N. Campbell Ave.

• Rincon Market, 2513 E. Sixth St.

• Son's Bakery Café, 5683 E. Speedway.

• Starbucks, several locations.