It’s that time of the year again. Christmas, holiday, winter, whatever you want to call it — and that means Christmas, holiday and winter beers. I’ve surveyed local brewers, and this is what’s on tap for the season:

Barrio Brewing Co.

800 E. 16th St.

Barrio’s got something that really sounds tasty: bourbon porter. Barrio’s Dennis Arnold says it has 16 52-gallon Jack Daniels barrels filled with a porter aging. He said “every barrel is different” and that single barrels will be tapped as they’re ready. He’s planning on the beer being available around Dec. 15.

Dragoon Brewing Co.

1859 W. Grant Road, No. 111.

Head brewer Eric Greene at Dragoon says it will have two winter offerings: a barley wine (yet to be named) in early December. Beer del Bac will make another appearance this month. Green said the “Belgium quad” contains a raw Mexican cane sugar, complex malts with a hint of chocolate and candy syrup and has a spicy, aromatic taste.


Brewing Co.

119 E. Toole Ave.

Borderlands’ Myles Stone has been pouring Las Almas for a few weeks. He describes it as a dark Belgium with a “toasty character with Belgium spiciness.” It also will be brewing a ginger spice beer that will be available around the end of November.


1702 E. Speedway

At The Address (1702 Pizza), they’re getting ready to serve an imperial porter that has been aging in tequila barrels for a year. Austin Santos said the batch was done in collaboration with Dragoon. It will be available at The Address by the first of December. Santos said it would also be available in limited quantities at Dragoon.

In addition to local craft holiday beers, the big craft brewers have a nice selection of holiday beers. Some of my favorites are Bridgeport’s Ebenezer, Deschutes’ Jubelale, Widmer Bros. Brrr, Pyramid’s Snow Cap, Sierra Nevada’s Celebration and Anchor Steam’s Christmas Ale (both Christmas ale and Jubelale have interesting labels each year). Places like Plaza Liquor, AJ’s, Whole Foods and the big boxes (Total Wine and Bev Mo) should have good selections of winter beers.

And Tap and Bottle and Whole Foods will have winter ales available on their rotating taps. Tap and Bottle’s Rebecca Safford commented that it was a little odd ordering winter beers while it was 80 degrees outside.

• • •

Congratulations to Thunder Canyon Brewery for picking up a medal at the Great American Beer Festival. It won for best “dark lightning milk stout” at the event in Denver in October.

• • •

Sentinel Peak Brewing hopes to open “within a few weeks.” Jeremy Hilderbrand is reluctant to give a date because as soon as he does, he’s concerned something will slip. He said it would serve a pumpkin ale as  its winter ale when it opens.

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