In our Breakfast Madness competition: Southwestern-style diner Mother Hubbard’s Cafe, 14 W. Grant Road, has a large and devoted following, but fell in an earlier round.

Kelly Presnell/Arizona Daily Star 2013

After more than a month of voting, Caliente’s Breakfast Madness has boiled down to two contenders.

Cindy Lou’s Café, at 3329 E. Benson Highway, bested Viv’s Café on east Tanque Verde Road, to move on to the championship round.

On the other side of the bracket, Madness powerhouse Omar’s Hi-Way Chef at the Triple T truck stop, 5451 E. Benson Highway, plucked the Happy Rooster Café on South Sarnoff Drive right out of contention.

The excitement has been building for both finalists.

Cindy Lou’s owner and namesake Cynthia Bosland said all of her regulars have become pros at using their phones to keep up with voting.

Customers have often submitted their choice long before Bosland reminds them.

“They come in and show me where we are throughout the weekend,” Bosland said. “They tell me, ‘You’ve got to win this.’ “

Omar’s manager Omar Ramirez said patrons are often times just as enthusiastic about the competition as the employees.

“I was at church Sunday and a couple came up to me and said they were sending votes my way,” Ramirez said. “It would be a good highlight for our 60th anniversary if we won.”

While both restaurants have shown hustle, neither Ramirez nor Bosland can claim they are not nervous entering the final round.

Ramirez even took a trip to Cindy Lou’s last Sunday to see what he was up against.

“They have a good product and a good following,” he said. “I wish them luck.”

Voting for the championship round begins today.

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