The best hamburger in Tucson comes smothered in onions with a side of sweet potato fries in a Foothills-area restaurant best known for its wine.

Or covered with a helping of macaroni and cheese at a Fourth Avenue dive. Or brimming with Cajun spices at a New Orleans-themed gastropub.

Well, wait a minute. There’s a truck stop that makes a mean — not to mention fast — burger, a so-called “Mexican Bistro” that serves America’s most recognizable food and a cart that can turn a quick lunch stop into a ticket to Flavortown. Actually, Tucson’s best burger might be found at a cafeteria inside a car dealership. It’s the ultimate drive-thru.

Then there are the handful of places that boast Tucson’s best burger. They can’t all be right, can they?

Aw, hell. Let’s do another contest.

Over the next month, Star readers can vote on which restaurant (or drive-in, or diner, or dive) boasts the best burger in town. We’ve narrowed it down to the best 32; each week, we’ll eliminate half of the competition based on your votes. Voting for the championship round begins Nov. 14.

Does the format sound familiar? It should. The Star’s pizza madness contest sparked debate and fueled trash-talk between fans of Southern Arizona’s top spots. Like pizza, hamburgers don’t discriminate: You can find our 32 best spots throughout town and at a variety of prices.

So get eating, and start voting. The best burger is on the line.

The sports editor of the Arizona Daily Star.