Tucson is America’s Most Casual Town, especially if you’re a guy. And, honestly, it’s great.

Jeans and boots pass for work attire. Polo shirts and flip-flops can be worn 10 months a year. We stash our suits and (bola) ties deep in our closets, dusting them off for weddings, funerals and the most Southern Arizonan of celebrations, the quinceañera. Our toughest fashion decision comes on weekends, when we decide which UA basketball shorts — red or blue — go with our favorite T-shirt.

One night a year, however, we guys force ourselves to get fancy. We don long-sleeve shirts, pants and actual, real dress shoes.

The reason: It’s Valentine’s Day, and we want to give you the best.

But who, exactly, has the best date-night food in town?

Break out your brackets.

Over the next month, the Star will ask readers to vote for their favorite Valentine’s Day restaurants as part of what we’re calling Candlelight Madness.

Not all of our sixteen candles — er, candidates — makes fancy foods. Readers can vote for El Corral, a uniquely Western prime-rib joint on River Road. Love Mexican food? Vote for Cafe Poca Cosa, the iconic downtown restaurant. Feeling cheesy? The Melting Pot has made our list of best dinner-date spots. Readers will pare the list down from 16 to eight, then to four and to two before selecting the winner.

It’s one less decision we guys have to make. It’s hard enough finding our dress shoes.