The earthy, tangy seasonal vegetable salad at North, in La Encantada, is $10.

A.E. Araiza / Arizona Daily Star

Peppermint bark. Cranberry bread. Eggnog ice cream. Ate it all — then had seconds. The whole holiday season.

So it’s no surprise that this is Week 2 of Culinary Penance, a special time filled with guilt and edible repentance in the form of veggies and smoothies to atone for the overindulgence. But, you can only eat so many celery sticks.

North Italia’s seasonal vegetable salad ($10) is good for you and doesn’t taste the least bit punitive (we can’t say the same of celery).

A leafy bed of greens and kale ribbons lays the groundwork for a substantial salad with earthy roasted brussels sprouts, crisp radish slices and sweet bites of apple and chewy medjool dates. The whole shebang is tossed with a tangy red vinaigrette and finished with ricotta salata and the unusual but inspired additions of almond granola and farro, which add crunch and nuttiness.

You can get chicken or salmon in the salad, but really, it’s fine on its own.

North is in La Encantada, 2995 E. Skyline Drive, 299-1600,

Kristen Cook