Haus of Brats isn’t a house, but a food trailer dedicated to German cuisine.

Courtesy of Angela Otter

Tucson’s dry spell when it comes to German restaurants can be surprising.

Despite having a large military population, many of whom have been stationed in Germany, the city doesn’t really have a brick-and-mortar option — at least not one dedicated solely to German cuisine.

In Tucson, if you want traditional dishes, things like strudels, brats and schnitzels, your best bet is to turn to your nearest food truck roundup.

That’s where you’ll find the Haus of Brats, a year-round German food trailer, specializing in regional eats, from Bavaria to Berlin.

The truck is owned and operated by Oro Valley residents and business partners Angela Otter and Petra Williams.

Otter is from the Frankfurt area. Williams hails from Munich.

They launched their trailer in September of last year after agreeing that the city’s German options were lacking.

“We wanted to provide an easier way to get that type of food here,” Otter said.

The truck focuses mainly on Bavarian dishes, things such as Bavarian-style apple strudel and leberkäse, a meat mash-up found primarily in Southern Germany.

Otter said they do feature menu items from other parts of the country. Otter, for example, whips up a mean rote grütze, a northern German dessert, consisting of chilled berries and whipped cream.

There is competition. During the winter and spring months, you can find the German Food Station food truck — run by Max and Andrea Offermann — at events around town.

Otter said, so far, the response to Haus of Brats has been tremendous.

The truck is out at least three to four times a week.

“I think a lot of people who have been exposed to the food, long for it,” Otter said. “We always hear stories from people with grandparents who were German or people who had this type of food while in the service.”

Follow the Haus of Brats at @hausofbrats on Twitter or on its Facebook page.

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