Downtown Kitchen + Cocktails will end its lunch service after next week.

Chef-owner Janos Wilder, in a Facebook posting Friday, said the restaurant at 135 S. Sixth Ave. will serve its final lunches on April 26. After that, the restaurant will pour its energies into its growing happy hour and dinner business, he said.

"Lunch is not our biggest business; dinner is," Wilder said in an interview Friday, not long after making the announcement. "And we're keeping our eye on the ball where it should be. … I know we are disappointing people, but I think we are doing the smart and right thing."

Wilder opened Downtown Kitchen + Cocktails in October 2010, making a triumphant return to the area that launched his career nearly 30 years earlier. At the time he also had a pair of restaurants at Westin La Paloma. He closed those last April.

In his Facebook posting, Wilder said eliminating lunch "allows us the flexibility to put our energies into the areas of our business which are growing most rapidly and continue to push the arc of excellence forward with our food and service."

The move comes on the eve of the dreaded summertime slowdown, when restaurants historically experience a dramatic drop in business once students and winter visitors leave town.

"This is the time to do it, before the summertime when your business falls off," Wilder said.

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