Don Scheer and Tina Owyoung have spent years as art directors with local publishing companies.

But later this month, the couple will show off a tastier artistic talent when they open Sugar Sweet Bakery, a desserts-only boutique where patrons can get cake by the slice and the all-American afterschool classic cookies and milk.

Sugar Sweet Bakery, 18 S. Eastbourne Ave., at the west side of Broadway Village, will carry eight varieties of cookies each day. The bakery will rotate the cookies among a cast of 15 varieties that run the gamut from chocolate chip to the more fancy-dancy "Toffee Turtles" with salted toffee.

"Everything is going to be surprising when you come in because (the menu) changes every day," Scheer said.

The shop also will carry limited-batch treats that will be available until they sell out. It's a chance for Scheer, the baker behind the couple's venture, to experiment with new recipes and ideas. The first one will be a coffee cookie dotted with hazelnuts that he's dubbed "Hazel and Joe."

Cookies are $1.50 for everyday cookies like snickerdoodles and chocolate chip and $2 for the fancier cookies including the Toffee Turtles. Cake is $4 a slice and brownies are $2.50. Customers can order the treats to go or munch them with milk or lemonade in the limited dining area.

This is the first business venture for the couple, who had hoped to open Sugar Sweet Bakery in June. Scheer became interested in baking when he started dating Owyoung, who was a fan of desserts.

"When we first started dating a dozen years ago, I would make her desserts," said the 42-year-old University of Arizona graduate, who hung around his mother when she baked in hopes of being able to lick the beaters.

His interest in baking goes back to his fascination with science and chemistry, he said.

"I really love chemistry and baking is the chemistry of cooking," he explained. "You have to get it right. They (recipes) are formulas really."

In addition to single-serving desserts, Scheer said his shop also will bake full cakes and create dessert buffet platters.

Scheer said he hasn't set an opening date, although he hopes to be open by next weekend. Details:

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