You may have seen the colorful sign go up downtown: the state of Sonora with green wings and a white shrimp. It's the emblem for Sonora Wings & Seafood, a new lunch joint owned by Cananea-native Antonio Montoya.  

The restaurant opened quietly Tuesday in the former Kearbey’s spot at 100 N. Stone Ave., Suite 102. Its menu is small but eclectic with everything from boneless wings to campechana seafood cocktails and shrimp tacos sourced from San Carlos. Montoya also does a special chiltepin wing sauce with the spicy round Sonoran peppers. His wings are juicy plump with a nice crisp skin. 

Montoya is no stranger to the neighborhood. Before he decided to branch out and open his own shop, he ran the nearby Sonoran taco place Bernardo's Mexican Food with his father-in-law Bernardo Acosta. 

"I love working downtown," he said. "Downtown is one little family. I love this place." 

Sonora Wings and Seafood is open 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Mondays through Fridays. Montoya says it'll expand its hours to weekends and Friday nights when the shop gets its liquor license. The restaurant will also run specials this weekend for its grand opening during Second Saturdays.

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