Forget fruit juice frozen into a paper cup.

Icy treats at Hub Restaurant & Ice Creamery are way more sophisticated than that childhood summer favorite.

You’re no doubt already familiar with the downtown eatery’s freezer case full of ice cream flavors like s’mores and salted caramel, but Hub, 266 E. Congress St., also offers gourmet ice pops.

True, they often play second fiddle to that popular, scoopable dessert — only a flavor or two compared with 21 ice cream selections — but they’re every bit as lip-lickingly creative.

Hub pastry chef Jeffrey Lan spends two days making chocolate-dipped mango featuring a creamy vegan sorbet. It takes four days to craft the popular strawberry-cheesecake pops.

“They’re a little labor-intensive,” says Lan, who cops to not really having a sweet tooth and opts for fresh fruit when he wants a treat. “We’re having trouble keeping up with demand.”

Lan keeps a list of ideas in his “little hidey hole” corner of the kitchen where he creates the sometimes crazy confections. He has plans for a sangria pop and an “ants on a log” treat featuring celery-peanut butter ice cream, ribbons of peanut butter, apple cider-plumped raisins and candied celery.

When it comes to frozen foods, Lan says, “Anything is fair game.”