Regan and Megan Jasper don’t need hearts and flowers to celebrate. They’ll crack open a bottle of bubbly just to enjoy rare time at home — together.

Good thing, too. Valentine’s Day, especially with this year’s Friday date, will be one of their busiest workdays.

Megan, 30, manages marketing and operations for Gadabout SalonSpas. Regan, 43, is a founding partner with Fox Restaurant Concepts and runs the beverage program.

Things get a little crazy around special occasions.

“The holidays are challenging for restaurants and spas because everyone is cashing in,” Regan says from the couple’s cozy booth at Wildflower American Cuisine, the first Fox restaurant.

“Thank goodness!” Megan chimes in, laughing.

The couple spends a lot of time in restaurants, but not just because of Regan’s job — Megan loves them.

“I love eating out; it’s one of my favorite things,” she says. “With him being in the restaurant industry, he just wants to be home, so a lot of the times I’ll just say, ‘I’ll meet you.’”

She’ll swing by after work — the couple doesn’t spend much time at home, so the pantry’s offerings can be scarce. They’ll grab a bite at a restaurant bar in the later evening.

Blanco Tacos + Tequila and Wildflower are their defaults. Megan guesses they have dined at the latter six times in the last month.

Eating out, especially at Fox restaurants, isn’t always relaxing for Regan. He knows the staff and because salons and restaurants share clientele, the couple often see familiar faces.

“She’s a little bit more of the host here,” Regan says, gesturing around the restaurant. “I’m host by job, but she’ll sit right down at their table and start chatting.”

Regan would rather cook at home, enjoying their patio’s view of the city. On vacation, it’s a little different. The Jaspers will get a couple’s massage before dinner and then fully sample the menu.

After more than five years of dating and an October 2011 wedding, they have it down to a science.

“We start with bubbles, split apps, and then she goes off menu and creates something that satisfies her diet,” Regan says of his wife’s gluten-free, pescatarian eating habits. “Sometimes we’ll split a dessert.”

The pattern started early, on one of their first dates at a tapas-style bar.

“We’re both very busy people, so it’s constant go, go, go,” Regan says. “When we get a chance to have a minute, we take it.”

Megan agrees, leaning in to clink her glass of champagne with Regan’s New York sour.


They toast. They kiss.

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