Depending on what you order at Gentle Ben’s Brewing Company’s new gelato shop, you just might get carded.

“When was the last time you heard, ‘Hi, can I taste your gelato?’ and ‘Hi, can I see your ID?’” says Dennis Arnold, who owns Gentle Ben’s with his wife, Tauna.

In addition to making standbys like vanilla bean, pistachio and sorbets from scratch, the couple plans to cycle through experimental flavors. Think dark chocolate chipotle or salted caramel, jalapeño bacon. And of course, there are some flavors that will take more ID than just a CatCard.

Alcohol does not freeze out of gelato, so expect what’s on tap to show up in frozen form.

“I’m not saying you get fat and drunk at the same time,” Dennis says. “It’s just a unique experience.”

With plans to offer 22 flavors of gelato at a time, though, there should be something to satisfy any palate—including a soy-milk and peanut butter gelato intended for your pooch.

“We have all these underage kids coming around us,” Dennis says. “Let us be part of your freshman 20.”

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