Kade Mislinski just can't seem to slow down - he runs the Hub Restaurant and Creamery, which he opened early last year, the neighboring Playground Bar & Lounge, which opened last fall, and in October he will open Lulu's Shake Shoppe.

From the beginning, Mislinski says, "Our whole concept was to do little concepts in the building as much as possible."

So Lulu's - named after Mislinski's mother-in-law - will take up a small space facing the parking lot on the south side of the building that houses the Hub and Playground. He's looking at a walk-up window, where you can order such items as shakes, hot dogs and Mexican candy.

During the day, the Chocolate Fox whips up gourmet chocolate in the space, and that will continue. So Mislinski says Lulu's - which launches Oct. 13 - will be open daily from 5 p.m. to 3 a.m. Honest.

All his ventures remind him of growing up in Tucson, says Mislinski, and are his effort to relive, and update, the good ol' days.

"It's about riding your bike to the corner store and buying an ice cream," he says of Lulu's.

Prices will top out at $6.70 for a large, extra-thick shake.

"I'm raising the bar on fun," Mislinski explains.

Kathleen Allen