Just one word can be used to describe Bobo's pancakes - ginormous. Oh, wait, maybe we spoke too soon, because plenty of you had more to say about Bobo's Restaurant flapjacks. Like "great" and "the best in town," and even "the best in the world."

Bobo's, on East Grant Road, was the top choice in our last Food Fight that pitted pancake against pancake.

The so-big-they-flop-over-the-sides-of-the-plate cakes come plain ($2.75). Or you can have the cook throw in some bananas or chocolate chips ($3.50 for one add-in; $4.50 for two). Or ask for a Flying Saucer, which comes with spinach, cheddar and Swiss cheeses, and crushed red peppers.

Bobo's manager Danielle Cota loves hers with apple.

"Our apple pancakes taste like apple pie," she said.

Interesting how much you folks prefer a breakfast that tastes like dessert. Reader Frank J. Avitia said the peach pancakes at Phil's Cafe taste "like warm peach cobbler right from the oven."

"The butter just melts all into the pancake, and they have crunchy pieces of caramelized sugar all over the top that just make them incredible," wrote Avitia, an assistant vice president for Merrill Lynch. "They are absolutely the best pancakes I have ever eaten in my life."

Pancake lover Pauline Hechler cast her vote for The Cup Cafe in Hotel Congress.

"The blueberry pancakes are perfect: crispy edges, golden brown, cooked through, but fluffy with big, juicy blueberries," wrote Hechler, development officer for the Community Food Bank. "The syrup is heated, of course!"

If you like 'em big and airy, library associate William Bevill recommends the Checkerboard Cafe. It makes "delicious, fluffy pancakes in huge, plentiful sizes! Some of the best in town."

Jennifer Nelson Kemp, a mechanical engineer, is also a fan of puffy pancakes.

"We are weekend regulars at Joe's Pancake House on Kolb and Golf Links," Kemp wrote. "It's not fancy, but the food is hot and quick to the table. The pancakes are fluffy and served with lots of butter."

But there is something to be said for skinny cakes, too.

Lauren DeLillo swears by the version at The B Line.

"Thin, crepe-like, served with pecan butter and pure maple syrup," wrote DeLillo, who is the Tucson Unified School District's payroll manager. "Yum!"

Pancake contenders

• The B Line, 621 N. Fourth Ave.

• Bobo's Restaurant, 2938 E. Grant Road.

• Checkerboard Cafe, 2261 N. Oracle Road.

• The Cup Cafe in Hotel Congress, 311 E. Congress St.

• The Good Egg, several locations.

• A Great Location, 20 N. Sarnoff Drive.

• Gus Balon's Restaurant, 6027 E. 22nd St.

• Joe's Pancake House, 2532 S. Kolb Road.

• Millie's Pancake Haus, 6530 E. Tanque Verde Road.

• Phil's Cafe, 2513 N. Campbell Ave.