Can tacos be a health food? I'm not sure how Dr. Oz would weigh in, but after eating this vegetarian tofu taco at Goodness, I'm going to say "yes!"

But more importantly, can healthy tacos taste good? I admit I was a little worried about the whole wheat tortilla — which turns out, is specially made preservative-free by Alejandro's Tortilla Factory — but this really was one of the most interesting and wonderful tacos I've had. 

First of all, the dish is visually stunning. Each ingredient — the auburn teriyaki tofu topped with verdant avocado, pearly white cilantro cream, festive orange and purple slaw, and those crunchy little green pepitas — is masterfully composed. The result is a little Mexican, a little Japanese and a lot of California. But eating it made me feel really, really good. Even after I was done!

Weird fact: The cilantro cream on the taco is actually made from fat-free Greek yogurt.

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