Arizona Hops and Vines is celebrating beer and wine at its second Bacchanal Festival on Saturday.

A year ago, Summer Cantu and sisters Megan Haller and Shannon Zouzoulas, who own the Sonoita vineyard, couldn't marry beer and wine on one piece of land. But thanks to their efforts to pursue changing the law, Arizona lawmakers late last month agreed to allow the women to operate a vineyard and brewery together.

The new law goes into effect this summer and Zouzoulas said she hopes to have the state liquor permits in place and begin brewing this fall.

Saturday's festival, which runs from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., includes beer tastings from Borderlands Brewing Co., wine tastings from Arizona Hops' six vintages and food tastings provided by chefs of six Sonoita area restaurants. Admission is $20, which includes the tastings, and you can pay at the gate, 3450 Highway 82 in Elgin. Details: 1-888-569-1642 or

Cathalena E. Burch