A close-up look at the new deli case at Maynards Market. All menu items are priced under $10 and the chefs are on view.

Martha Lochert

It’s been 10 long, dusty weeks, and Maynards Market is ready to celebrate.

The restaurant has renovated the market side of the business and this weekend is the official grand opening.

We say “official” because it’s been opened since All Souls Day, but that’s what they in the business call a “soft” opening — the time when tweaks are made.

The festivities are 3-6 p.m. Saturday. Too cold to wander out? They’ll be passing out complimentary hot cider.

It’s no longer a retail space — now it’s more of a take-out restaurant, though there are a few tables, including that gorgeous, 16-foot long Ponderosa pine table, made from a casualty of the 2003 Aspen Fire on Mount Lemmon.

Walk into the market and you’re confronted with the new counter space and a packed deli case. The chefs are on view as they whip up fresh goodies. All menu items are priced under $10, says a spokesperson for the restaurant. There’s also a wine bar where you can get glasses of vino, a coffee bar, and a retail space for full bottles of wine.

Chef Adam Buzzalini has fashioned a new menu for the market. Expect pastries, designer sandwiches, made-from-scratch soups and other temptations.

We are keen to try the cheddar biscuit sandwich ($4.50) for breakfast — egg, white Cheddar and a slice of ham, please (though you can get it with sausage or bacon if you prefer).

Lunch, we’re lining up for the bahn mi ($8), the Vietnamese sandwich served on a baguette.

OK, we might go for a pizza ($10). And/or the tomato and fennel soup ($5 a cup).

But really, it’s the bakery goods that tempt the most: double chocolate brownies ($3), anyone? Or a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting ($4)? 

Maynards Market is open 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily. It’s at 400 N. Toole Ave., 545-0577.