Daenerys Targaryen of “Game of Thrones” (played by Emilia Clarke) has three dragons and their names are Rhaegal, Drogon and Viserion.

Helen Sloan

We’ve a few questions for you:*

  1. What deity does Melisandre, the Red Priestess, follow?
  2. What is the name of Joffrey Baratheon’s Valyrian steel blade?
  3. What is the official motto of the House of Lannister?

If you know, you are clearly a “Game of Thrones” fan, and you’ve a chance Saturday to test your knowledge, have some fun, and maybe win some cash at the Geeks Who Drink “Game of Thrones” trivia quiz at Aloft Tucson University.

If you haven’t a clue, get with it! The HBO series, which ends its fifth season Sunday, is one of the hottest shows around.

The Denver, Colorado-based Geeks organization is hosting the quizzes at about 600 pubs scattered around 36 states.

While most of the contests are free, this one is $5 per person — but about half of the winnings will go back to the victorious team, says Ken Brill, with Geeks Who Drink.

Here’s how it works: Each team can have up to six people, but each member must pay $5 to play. There will be eight rounds. At the end of the quiz — which should take about two hours — points per team are added up. Team members collaborate on the answer — so it’s just one answer per team.

Team size doesn’t matter, says Tucsonan Kirsten Cummins, who will co-host Saturday’s quiz with Marissa Stuart. The two regularly lead trivia games in local bars for the Geeks group.

“Our last quiz, a four-person team won,” says Cummins, who works with “Geeks …” and hosts a weekly trivia quiz at Aloft.

“People think a bigger team is an advantage, but it isn’t necessarily.”

If you have a small team and long for more members, Cummins said there are often people at the events looking to join a team.

While the victors take the cash, there will be secondary prizes, as well, says Cummins. Including this: one for best costume.

Yes, costume. Dress as your favorite “Game of Thrones” character (Cummins plans to do just that) and you not only win the admiration of your fellow geeks, you could take home a yet-to-be-determined prize.

Cummins has been hosting the Tucson games — which generally play off popular movies or television shows — for more than two years. Players, she says, “are all similar to me — we’re all kind of nerdy.” As host, she makes sure the action keeps moving, and that a fun time is had by all.

And she can provide some inside tips, such as this one: “Show up early to make sure you have a seat.”

So brush up on your “Thrones” knowledge. There may be some Gold Dragons or Silver Stags in your future.

*Answers: 1) The Lord of Light; 2) Widow’s Wail; 3) Hear Me Roar.

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