Blaze was a sick pup who was given a second chance

Humane Society of Southern Arizona

The Humane Society of Southern Arizona is seeing more animals in need of emergency medical care and is seeking community help.

Blaze, a 13-week-old Border Collie mix, was abandoned in the shelter lobby with a 107.5 degree fever. It turned out he had been near death from the lethal canine parvovirus. The repercussions of parvo are extreme, but it can be prevented with proper immunization.

Although this highly-contagious viral disease is often fatal, the HSSA was able to save him with weeks of aggressive supportive care.

To help cover the costs of caring for animals with extraordinary medical needs, the HSSA created the Second Chance Fund, which specifically helps pets that come from situations of abuse, domestic violence and neglected medical care.

The HSSA is asking the community to help by donating to the Second Chance Fund online at