Tickets were supposed to go on sale Friday for">Steve Earle's first Tucson show in two years, but on Wednesday night the renown singer-songwriter/activist "postponed" his July 4 appearance.

Earle cited the nearly year-old">Sound Strike artist boycott for pulling out of the show.

In a letter posted on the Rialto's website, Earle said he "was under the mistaken impression that the boycott had been called off" after a Federal court struck down many of the provisions of Arizona's controversial anti-immigration law SB 1070. The law, which would give local police broader powers to identify illegal immigrants, is still wending its way through the federal court appeals process.

But Earle said he was only postponing his Tucson show until he could research the "boycott and its effects because as someone who supports the immigrants rights movement I am not convinced that it is useful to continue to stay away from progressive fans in the state."

Check out the full story in tomorrow's Arizona Daily Star.