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Heavyweight Dub Champion in our corner Friday night

Break out those reading glasses if you plan on purchasing Heavyweight Dub Champion's debut release, "Survival Guide for the End of Time."

The dubtronic group's 20-track album includes a 64-page booklet, dubbed the "Last Champion Manifesto, that lays out in detail the band's musical mission.

"With careful and penetrating understanding of ourselves, we will learn to unite and destroy a world built on the backs of a programmed slave class ruled by fascist political systems," the manifesto explains.

Dub Champion brings hardcore trip-hop and electronica from "Survival Guide" as well as tracks from its upcoming release, "Rise of the Champion Nation," to Solar Culture, 31 E. Toole, Ave., Friday.

The five-piece ensemble will be joined by dub reggae musician Dr. Israel.

The all-ages show begins at 9 p.m., and tickets are $10. 884-0874.

KIIM-FM's Buzzy writes verse to snag some votes

KIIM-FM radio personality Buzz Jackson sent a poem to voting members of the Academy of Country Music last week in hopes of snagging their support in his bid for medium-market radio personality of the year.

Jackson, fondly known as Buzzy when he takes the air for the weekday afternoon drive, was nominated last week. Among the field of nominees: Baton Rouge DJ Scott Innes, the new voice of Hollywood cartoon icon Scooby-Doo.

Jackson is hoping the following will strike a chord with voters:

"Roses are red, violets are blue/ I'm nominated for an ACM Award, and so is Scooby-Doo.

"You should cast your vote for me, and I'll tell you why: My daughter's voting for Scooby, which makes me wanna cry.

"I know choosing who to vote for is kinda fuzzy/ So won't you please mark your ballot for Buzzy?"

That should convince the academy.

In addition to his on-air duties, Jackson serves as KIIM's program director.

The ACM awards will be doled out May 23.

Get ready to Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah

It's an Internet success story.

Thanks to the Web and a solid set of songs, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah went from no-names to selling tens of thousands of self-released albums to appearing on Letterman within a matter or months.

CYHSY is not the buzz band of the hour without reason. The band's self-recorded album is more upbeat than the Arcade Fire, rawer than Neutral Milk Hotel and has vocals that sound like a nasally David Byrne. It may sound strange, and it probably qualifies for the "you either love it or you don't" category, but give the catchy raw indie rock a chance and you may find it grows on you.

The band is making its Tucson stop after a SXSW performance. Only people who bought advance tickets will be clapping their hands with the band — tickets for the all-ages show 9 p.m. Tuesday at Solar Culture Gallery, 31 E. Toole Ave., are sold-out, 884-0874.

Strokes in Mesa Tuesday

The Strokes faced huge hype before even releasing its 2001 debut, "Is This It?" Many a band would crumble under the pressure, but the Strokes just kept pumping out fast, powerful songs like the hit "Last Nite."

January saw the release of the band's third album, "First Impressions of Earth." Entertainment Weekly called it "an ambitious, frequently thrilling make-or-break third outing." The New York Times said, " 'First Impressions of Earth' is their most openly impassioned album." See for yourself 7 p.m. Tuesday at the Mesa Amphitheatre, 263 N. Center St., Mesa. Tickets are $24.50. Ticketmaster, or 321-1000.

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