Country crooner Clint Black brings his acoustic tour to Fox Tucson Theatre Wednesday. It's his first Tucson show since summer 2004.


Clint Black brings his 2013 acoustic tour to Fox Tucson Theatre Wednesday, part of a swing through Arizona that includes a stop in Scottsdale next Thursday.

We caught up with the prolific country singer-songwriter known for his soulful blues voice and black cowboy hat to chat via email about the tour.

What's it like for you to be on stage, just you and your guitar?

"The acoustic tour will give me the chance to have a more intimate experience with the audience than I get in larger settings. I will have a small acoustic band on stage with me for most of the show, but I'm very happy to be alone with just my audience and a guitar. I love this type of show."

Will we hear your biggest hits?

"There will be a little bit of everything. I'll do at least in small part a review of my life in music so far; a few cover tunes from the club days, some hits, a B-side or two and something new as well."

From your fans' viewpoint, which songs do you absolutely have to play at a Clint Black show? And which of those do you feel you personally have to play to round out a night on stage?

"'Killin' Time,' 'A Better Man,' 'State of Mind,' 'A Good Run of Bad Luck,' 'Something That We Do' ... There are at least five hit songs I can't leave out. From there I have about another 15 hits I can bounce in and out of the show based on my mood. Then there are about 90 others!"

You're putting out your first studio album in seven years. Tell me about the album and when will it be released? Any plans for a first single?

"I have been writing songs for this record for several years now, and I feel like 2013 is the time for them to be heard. The exact timing and details are still in the works, but we will showcase a few of the songs along this tour."

It sounds like you also have been busy with your "Aussie Adventure" show. What is that about and when do you plan to begin touring that?

" 'Aussie Adventures' is a story about an American rancher and his daughter moving to the Australian Outback in 1901. It's an arena show with a large cast of singers, actors and musicians, as well as 35 horses. I was brought on to write the score for the entire production, which has been a great experience. Because of my own performance schedule, I will not be touring with the production, but my music will. I don't yet know what their plan is for when that goes out."

Any plans for a guest appearance on "Nashville"? And speaking of TV, what do you think that show and Blake Shelton's role on "The Voice" is doing for the popularity of country music?

"At the moment I don't have any plans to appear on the show, but you never know! I think Blake is doing a great job on 'The Voice.' Anytime someone can shine a spotlight on country music in the mainstream in a positive way, it is a good thing for the entire industry."

What are your 2013 New Year's resolutions?

"To be the World's Best Ukulele player! (Insert Jake Shimabukuro laughter here). Really, I have the same resolution every year - be A Better Man."

If you go

• What: Clint Black in concert.

• When: 7:30 p.m. Wednesday.

• Where: Fox Tucson Theatre, 17 W. Congress St.

• Tickets: $29 to $76 through