Dear Elton John:

So you’re finally coming back to Tucson? March 21, a Tuesday night in the Tucson Arena. You won’t recognize the place: It’s been remodeled and rejiggered. Improved sound system, comfy seats, really cool urban chic restrooms.

Remember the last time you were in Tucson, July 2010? You were supposed to play on a Wednesday night, but a few hours earlier, presumably somewhere in Tucson, you got food poisoning.

You recovered quickly; the show was rescheduled for the next night. It was sold out, and we don’t remember seeing any empty seats.

That was the first time you’d been to our humble abode since 2000, so we were overdue for some “Crocodile Rock” and “Rocket Man.” And by the time you arrive in the spring, we will have checked more than six years off the calendar.

So a word of advice, Sir Elton : Drink plenty of water and, please, save the spicy food until after the show.



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