The Marshall Tucker Band — from left, B.B. Borden, Rick Willis, Doug Gray, Marcus Henderson, Tony Black and Chris Hicks — comes to Rialto Theatre Wednesday, April 18. 

Courtesy Absolute Publicity

Here's a bit of trivia that might have faded into the deep recesses of your music-minded brain: There is no "Marshall Tucker" in the Marshall Tucker Band.

But there was, once upon a 45, 46 years ago, a blind pianist in the band's Spartanburg, South Carolina, home named Marshall Tucker.

But that is not apparently where they got the idea for the name.

They rented rehearsal space in this warehouse and engraved on the key was "Marshall Tucker."

Call it divine intervention, a lightening bolt that opened doors, or just plain dumb luck — "Hey, why don't we name ourselves the Marshall Tucker Band after this key? — but that's the name the band's founders settled on way back in 1972.

Only one of those founders — Doug Gray — is still around to tell that tale. And he will be along with the band when they take the Rialto Theatre stage at 8 p.m. Wednesday, April 18. Tucson's own Austin Counts and Tom Walbank open the all-ages show. Tickets are $30 in advance, $46 at the door, 318 E. Congress St.