Hip-hop artist Big Boi went local with his dinner choice Monday night, before his show at the Rialto Theatre.

Dominic Moreno, owner of On a Roll sushi, said the rapper - known best for his work in Outkast - and his crew placed three different orders over the course of the evening to be delivered, including one just 30 minutes before the show.

The big favorite: the Tucson Chicken, an appetizer that On a Roll offers, described on its menu as "Louisiana or teriyaki-style fried chicken pieces served over rice."

Moreno had a chance to speak directly with Big Boi during one of his deliveries to the venue.

"He was very nice, very down to earth," Moreno said.

The restaurant has served its share of touring musicians.

One of Moreno's favorite experiences was when members of the Wu-Tang Clan came in to eat a month after On a Roll opened.

"They all just piled in," he said. "We had a good time."

Gerald M. Gay