Nickelodeon star Victoria Justice has been warned: Her "Summer Break Tour" mates Big Time Rush have some fun in store for the "Victorious" star.

BTR's Logan Henderson wasn't quite sure what they would do, he said earlier this month: "But she should be ready."

The 20-year-old singer and former Nickelodeon star is a seemingly easy target. This is only her second tour, and it's a biggie with nearly 40 cities between now and August.

That's plenty of time to plot a counteroffensive, said Justice, whose debut single "Gold" dropped Tuesday.

We caught up with Justice, who made her Nickelodeon debut on "Zoey 101" when she was 12, last week. Her tour launches tonight in Los Angeles.

Big Time Break: "I only did 17 dates last year and this year I'm doing 40 dates, obviously co-headlining with the Big Time Rush guys. We're playing for some really big crowds - 10,000, 12,000 people for some of the dates. ... I want to be able to make the fans happy with the 'Victorious' music they know, but I'm also introducing them to my new music. I'm doing two of my solo songs ('Gold' and 'Shake') separate from 'Victorious,' just me on my own. It's kind of like a way of reintroducing myself to them as this artist that I am."

Acting on hold: "Right now I'm focusing on the single and the tour and releasing the album. That's my focus right now, but I, of course, want to continue acting. I love acting. I'm equally passionate about both. I love writing music and I love performing. And I love being on set and playing an interesting character. I don't want to have to give up either one of them."

Lasting impressions: "I'm excited for people to hear my new music. I hope that they love it and I can take some 'Victorious' fans along with me to my solo music world."

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