Sunday updates: None of these restaurants are out of the running yet.

In the Brooklyn Pizza Company vs. Reilly Craft poll Brooklyn has pulled ahead 518-404. 

Magpie's Gourmet Pizza vs. Scordato's (formerly Vivace Pizzeria) is tied and has been all week. 

1702 has come back to move within eight votes of Frog and Firkin. And Zona 78 has pulled ahead of Mario's after a slow start.

Last week

Round 1 is in the books, and today we start the Savory 16. Argenziano's and Renee's Organic Oven wrapped up the first round with a flurry of voting.

In the end, Argenziano's was the winner, 669-594.

Annie Argenziano posted: "What a battle, hope to taste Renee's sooner than later they obviously gotta good thing going and if it weren't for this contest I wouldn't have known about them, and thanx to all who voted Argenziano's we are delighted to serve you."

Argenziano's moves on to face NYPD, which took down New York Pizza in a blowout, 313-69.

Dry River Company Pizza & Coffee beat Rosati's 186-141. It moves on to face Grandma Tony's Pizza & Wings, which beat Tino's Pizza 255-133.

Now the competition gets fierce as we knock the field down from the best 16 pizza places to the best eight.

Today you can vote for Zona 78 vs. Mario's Pizza, Scordato's Pizzeria vs. Magpies Gourmet Pizza, Frog and Firkin vs. 1702 and Reilly Craft Pizza & Drink vs. Brooklyn Pizza Company.

Up next

Today marks the first round of the Savory 16. Make sure your favorites are represented in the next round. Vote on our Facebook page starting this morning though Sunday at 10 p.m.

• Zona 78 vs. Mario's Pizza

• Scordato's Pizzeria vs. Magpies Gourmet Pizza

• Frog and Firkin vs. 1702

• Reilly Craft Pizza & Drink vs. Brooklyn Pizza Company

Irene McKisson