For Amy Pike, wearing an apron does not mean sacrificing personal style.

Pike, the owner of A Perfect Pantry, 21 E. Congress St., chooses from a “wardrobe of aprons” — eight to 10 — every time she enters the kitchen.

“There are the cooking aprons and the hostess aprons,” Pike says. “The cooking aprons show the signs of the time in the kitchen.”

You wipe flour-coated hands on cooking aprons or scrub the counters. Pike loves the pockets for carrying clutter when she tidies the house.

For guests, Pike does a quick wardrobe change, tying on a festive hostess apron. Thanksgiving brought the orange fall apron. Hanukkah meant menorahs on blue and white, and Christmas brings out the jolly big guy.

With the help of the large Santa Claus decorating her Christmas apron, “I kinda turn into Mrs. Claus,” Pike says. “It’s fun, and everyone likes it and has something to say. It’s a conversation starter.”

A Perfect Pantry sells a variety of aprons, ruffled, patterned and colorful. Any of them could work as your dress-to-impress hostess apron this holiday season.

Here are some bright designs — some festive, some not — to keep your clothes spotless and your guests smiling.


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