What better place to buy feel-good gifts for your home than in, well, a home?

NoneSuch Home, a lifestyle shop, sells special trinkets right out of a renovated home on the edge of the Sam Hughes neighborhood.

“We wanted to bring something that had that neighborhood feel to it, and using an old house makes sense,” says Eliza Dray, who co-owns the shop with Meghan Marum and their mothers.

The property, 2801 E. Broadway, has not been used as a home in some time. When Dray found it vacant, she snatched it up, wanting to make an investment in the neighborhood. Coming with experience from her remodeling business, Tangent Design Studios, Dray created a space that makes customers right at home.

NoneSuch, which opened last May, sells a collection of handpicked vintage, artisan and brand items, many of them handmade, classic and practical.

“It’s not just about owning a lot of things, but finding things that sing to you,” Dray says.

Like in any home, the décor, jewelry and goodies displayed in the shop’s nooks and crannies have a personal touch.

Marum’s mother sews aprons and toddlers’ skirts, and Dray’s mother helps with store displays. Beyond the shared involvement of their families, the friends of five years have much in common — October birthdays, husbands working in emergency services and toddling daughters.

“If you hear giggling, it’s our daughters hiding someplace,” Dray says.

The kids often accompany their moms to work and pose the biggest challenge on special-event days: keeping the fresh-baked cookies on the counter long enough for customers, not the kids, to enjoy.

“My daughter thinks this place is like a giant magic box,” Dray says. “She comes here and there’s toffee and sparkly stuff, and she thinks that’s great.”

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