If you want a long-lasting manicure, it’s a wrap.

A nail wrap.

Jamberry Nails wraps are a recent addition to J. Scordato Salon’s lineup of products and services. You can buy them to apply at home or get them done at the salon. The wraps are a fun way to jazz up a single-color manicure, says stylist and nail technician Danielle Sweety.

“It’s a nice, economical option for people who love the nail art craze,” she says.

It’s trendy to wear a plain, one-color manicure but have at least one nail on each hand tricked out with a pattern. J. Scordato is offering the wraps as an upgrade to a manicure or a pedicure. A single accent nail costs $3; two cost $5.

You can also order wraps through the salon and DIY it at home, an option Sweety loves.

“Being a mom and at home, it’s nice to be able to do my nails and not wait for them to dry,” says Sweety, who can apply a full set of wraps in about 20 minutes.

They’re pretty easy to put on: Just match up the different size wraps to nails, peel off and heat with a blow dryer before pressing them onto the nails. After trimming each wrap, you use heat and pressure until the wraps are on tight.

Jamberry packs cost $15-17.50, which offer at least two full manicures or pedicures. People can even design their own wraps.

“People put their kids’ artwork on their nails,” Sweety says.

Wrap manicures last up to two weeks while pedicures can last between four and six weeks, Sweety says.