Coordinators of the annual Glow arts festival are celebrating the colorful and creative event’s 10th anniversary by fixing one of its biggest headaches: parking.

Rather than have people park up and down West Oracle Ranch Road, the tight stretch that runs around the Triangle L Ranch where the event is held, patrons will now be asked to pull into a three-acre dirt lot off of West American Avenue, leading into the Oracle business district and less than a mile from the festivities.

Two 28-seat buses will be on hand to shuttle people to and from the ranch entrance.

The lot should easily accommodate the 1,000 or so visitors expected to attend each night, according to Triangle L owner Sharon Holnback.

“We want people to be safe,” she said. “It has been our biggest hurdle. It became apparent last year, because of the amount of people attending, that we needed to make changes.”

Once on ranch grounds, Glow-goers will get to experience an array of artistic expression, each feature meant to entice and entertain under the light of the full moon.

Brightly colored installations, created by visual artists from all over Southern Arizona, will sit along an expanded sculpture path, one of the cornerstones of Glow, as well as a newly added shrine garden.

“We’ve been using car hoods, creating shrines with metal and glass,” Holnback said. “The ranch artists have been taking found objects and combining them to make some interesting pieces.”

Live performances will include appearances from fire spinners, local music acts Hank Topless and Hey Bucko, and Circus Amperean, a Tucson-based group that specializes in working with Tesla coils and electricity.

Holnback said it is the creative spirit of Southern Arizona’s artistic community, not the parking, that inspires her to throw Glow year after year.

“When you talk to the artists and they are doing all these amazing things,” she said. “That is when things get exciting.”