Davis Dominguez Gallery has gone small. Again.

“Small Things Considered,” the gallery’s annual small works invitational continues through June 25, with a reception slated for June 4. The invitational is in its 24th year.

There are 83 works of art in the exhibit, “plus one refusal,” says Michael Dominguez.

That “refusal” was a piece that was 39-inches tall. The height limit for the show is 18-inches. “We rejected it, but out of the respect for the artist we put it on a pedestal,” and it is exhibited in an area away from the other works, says Dominguez.

This is no “who are they?” show. Some of the biggest names in the state accepted the invitation to submit works. Among those exhibiting are Gail Marcus Orlen, James Cook, Jo Anderson, Claire Harlan, Judith Stewart — the list goes on.

While this exhibit is a popular one with gallery visitors, it is also one with the artists — nearly all the invitations Dominguez issued were accepted.

The show features sculptures, paintings, prints, glass works, fiber art, wood, sculpture and digital works. In addition to the 18-inch height limit, canvases are no larger than 12-by 12-inches.

But please, whatever you do, don’t think this is a show of miniatures.

“This is not a show of miniatures,” Dominguez says emphatically.

“The artists are making a complete artistic statement. This is a genuine challenge to artists — most of them (in the show) work on good-sizes canvases.”

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