Jonathan Higgins always thought his first film would be an action or science-fiction flick.

Then his creative partner, scream queen Jessica Cameron, explained to him a universal truth.

“If you make a comedy, what’s funny in the U.S. might not translate in China or Mexico,” he said. “Horror is universal.”

With that in mind, Higgins and Cameron went on to create the independent horror film “Truth or Dare.”

The movie follows six Web series stars as they deal with a deranged fan who wants more than just their autographs.

Cameron, who directed the movie, filmed most of the project at California’s Salton Sea but managed to work Tucson into the mix.

Higgins said they filmed scenes in a private home on the southeast side of town, as well as at the University of Arizona’s McClelland Hall, home to the Eller College of Management.

Higgins earned an accounting degree from the college in 2010 before moving to Los Angeles.

A proud Tucsonan, Higgins said he wanted his hometown to play a role in the film.

He held the world premiere of his film last month at the Arizona Underground Film Festival.

“John Wayne pictures were shot in Tucson,” he said. “I wanted to show people that it could still be done.”