Two fast-growing Arizona traditions, hailing from opposite ends of the state, are joining forces in Tucson this weekend.

On Saturday, coordinators for Flagstaff Hullabaloo, a two-day community festival with live music, kids activities, and local food and beer, will hold their first Tucson Hullabaloo in Armory Park.

They will be joined on Sunday by the free, all-day gathering known as Cyclovia, which will clear several streets of motorized traffic so that people may walk, ride bikes and skate their way from Armory Park to East 36th Street in the heart of South Tucson.

The events share common bonds.

Both launched in 2010. Both generate thousands of participants each year. Hullabaloo was created to showcase the artists, musicians, nonprofits and small businesses that make up a city.

Cyclovia was designed to encourage cycling and walking among city residents as regular forms of transportation.

Kylie Walzak, Cyclovia coordinator and member of the event’s parent organization, Living Streets Alliance, said the two are a good fit.

Part of the proceeds of Hullabaloo will go to benefit the alliance.

“The message organizers behind Hullabaloo carry with them is that we are all in this together,” Walzak said. “It is important that we spend our dollars locally. They say, ‘These are your locally owned businesses, your neighbors and friends. Come out and celebrate them, support them because it benefits everybody when you do that.’ ”

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