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Adam - by Brian Basset

Alley Oop - by Dave Graue & Jack Bender

Arlo and Janis - by Jimmy Johnson

Ask Shagg - by Peter Guren

Baby Blues - by Rick Kirkman & Jerry Scott

Ballard Street - by Jerry Van Amerongen

B.C. - by Johnny Hart

The Better Half - by Randy Glasbergen

Betty - by Gary Delainey & Gerry Rasmussen

Between Friends - by Sandra Bell-Lundy

Big Nate - by Lincoln Pierce

Bizarro - by Dan Piraro

Boondocks - by Aaron McGruder

The Born Loser - by Chip Sansom

The Buckets - by Greg Cravens

Calvin & Hobbes - by Bill Watterson

Cathy - by Cathy Guisewite

Citizen Dog - by Mark O'Hare

Close to Home  - by John McPherson

Committed - by Michael Fry

Crankshaft - by Tom Batiuk & Chuck Ayers

Dilbert - by Scott Adams

Doonesbury - by Garry B. Trudeau

Drabble - by Kevin Fagan

Duplex - by Glenn McCoy

Edge City - by Terry & Patty LaBan

Ernie - by Bud Grace

The Family Circus - by Bil& Jeff Keane

Farcus - by Gordon Coulthart & David Waisglass

Foxtrot - by Bill Amend

For Better or For Worse - by Lynn Johnston

Frank & Ernest - by Bob Thaves

Funky Winkerbean - by Tom Batiuk

Fusco Brothers - by J.C. Duffy

Garfield - by Jim Davis

Get Fuzzy - by Darby Conley

Hagar the Horrible - by Chris Browne

Half Baked - by Rick Ellis

Hubert and Abby - by Mel Henze

In the Bleachers - by Steve Moore

Judge Parker - by Woody Wilson & Eduardo Barreto

Jumpstart - by Robb Armstrong

Kevin & Kell - by Bill Holbrook

Liberty Meadows - by Frank Cho

Luann - by Greg Evans

Marmaduke - by Brad Anderson

Mary Worth - by Karen Moy & Joe Giella

Meg - by Greg Curfman

Mister Boffo - by Joe Martin

Mother Goose & Grimm - by Mike Peters

Mutts - by Patrick McDonnell

Nancy - by Guy & Brad Gilchrist

Non Sequitur - by Wiley Miller

The Norm - by Michael Jantze

On the Fast Track - by Bill Holbrook

Over the Hedge - by Michael Fry & T. Lewis

Overboard - by Chip Dunham

Pardon My Planet - by Vic Lee

Peanuts - by Charles M. Schulz

Pearls Before Swine - by Stephan Pastis

Pickles - by Brian Crane

The Piranha Club - by Bud Grace

Pluggers - by Gary Brookins

PreTeena - by Allison Barrows

Prince Valiant - by Mark Schultz & Gary Gianni

Real Life Adventures - by Gary Wise & Lance Aldrich

Reality Check - by Dave Whamond

Rhymes With Orange - by Hilary Price

Rose is Rose - by Don Wimmer; created by Pat Brady

Rudy Park - by Darrin Bell and Theron Heir

Safe Havens - by Bill Holbrook

Sally Forth - by Francesco Marciuliano; drawn by Craig Macintosh

Sherman's Lagoon - by Jim Toomey

Six Chix - by Isabella Bannerman, Margaret Shulock, Rina Piccolo, Ann Gibbons, Benita Epstein & Stephanie Piro

Speed Bump - by Dave Coverly

Stone Soup - by Jan Eliot

Tank McNamara - by Jeff Millar & Bill Hinds

Tina's Groove - by Rina Piccolo

Wizard of Id - by Hart & Parker

Ziggy - by Tom Wilson & Tom II

Zits - by Jerry Scott & Jim Borgman