Courtesy Trident Facebook page

Competitive eater and YouTube celebrity Randy Santel made easy work of his lunch at the original Trident Grill, 2033 E. Speedway, Wednesday afternoon. 

His challenge was The Navy Seal burger, which came with four half-pound beef patties, Muenster cheese, jalapeños, bacon, lettuce, tomato, onions and a half-pound of fries. 

He was supposed to clear his plate in under 15 minutes. Santel devoured his meal in just under 9. 

For his efforts, the St. Louis bodybuilder received a free shirt, his image on the restaurant's wall of fame and didn't have to pay the $25 bill. 

Santel's Trident win, one of 567 food-challenge wins around the world, should be on his YouTube channel (with its 400,000 subscribers) and Facebook page within the next week.