Here are descriptions of the awards given by the Tucson Nurses Week Foundation:

Clinical Nursing Practice Project Award

One of Tucson Nurses Week Foundation's goals is to stimulate new, professional knowledge in nursing. In 1997 the Foundation created the Clinical Nursing Research Grant, which was renamed the Clinical Nursing Practice Project Award in 2007.

This award is granted to a well deserving, Tucson community Registered Nurse who shows a commitment to:

Answering a clinical question to improve patient care or enhance nursing practice, or

Developing an idea to improve patient care or enhance nursing practice, or

Use the principles of Evidence Based Practice to answer a clinical question.

This prestigious $2,000 award is funded entirely by Fabulous Fifty Alumni donations.


The following are awardees and projects to date:

  • 1997 Becky Dockins, RN, OB/GYN NP with Pam Johnson "CNM Women, Self-Efficacy and Condoms."
  • 1999 Bob Burroughs, RN and Annette Weinkauf, RN "Does the Provision of Household Scales to Selected Patients with Diagnosis of CHF Effect their Rate of Re-hospitalization?" Becky Vickery, RN "What is the Relationship between Breastfeeding Retention and how it is impacted by Intervention with a Lactation Consultant?"
  • 2000 Karen Jamison, PhD, FNP, CS "Utilization of Postoperative Massage and Preoperative Relaxation Training as a Supplementation to Standard Narcotic Pain Management to Improve Post Open Heart Surgery Pain Management and Patient Recovery."
  • 2001 Susan Bohenkamp, RN, MS, CCM "Traditional Versus Telemedicine Outpatient Management of Oncology Patients with New Ostomies: Evaluation of Cost, Patient Satisfaction and Self-Care Outcomes."
  • 2003 Renee Adelstein, RN, BSN "What Will Happen with Nursing Shortage in 2010?"
  • 2005 Jane Lacovara, RN-BC, MSN, CMSRN, CNS and Jill Arouman, MS, APRN, BC, CNS "Do Patients Feel Satisfied with their Decision Making Related to a Lumpectomy plus Radiation versus a Total Mastectomy for the Treatment of a Stage 0, 1, 2 Ductal or Lobular Carcinoma of the Breast?"

Awardees are required to share their projects findings and outcomes at the Tucson Nurses Week Foundation's Showcase of Tucson Nurses educational conference the following year.

Eligibility Criteria

Preference will be given to the following:

  • Tucson area registered nurse
  • Documented approval of the project by the nurse's employer


  • Submit application by deadline.
  • Describe the project 
  •  State the clinical problem or question
  •  Outline the plan for collecting evidence
  •  Explain the plan for evaluating the pertinence of the evidence obtained
  •  Describe an intervention to address the problem/question
  •  Discuss how the effectiveness of the intervention will be evaluated
  •  Specify how the award or grant money will be used

Alex Stuetze Memorial Pediatric Nursing Award

The Alex Stuetze Memorial Pediatric Nursing Award was created to honor nurses in the field of pediatrics who persistently go above and beyond the scope of their duties by investing their hearts and lives to the care of our children.

Our daughter Alex was hospitalized frequently during her fight with cancer, there were many people who influenced our day to day lives; doctors, nurses, patient care technicians, pharmacists. One of the most memorable was a wonderful nurse who practically made us part of her family. She checked in on her days off, stayed late to make sure we were comfortable with the next shift. She held my hand when we got bad news, cried with us, laughed with us, celebrated birthdays and holidays with us and always took the time to make sure we understood what was happening. We never had an unanswered question or an unheeded appeal. She was our guardian angel.

My husband and I created this award in 2007 to honor the memory of our daughter who we lost to leukemia in 2006. She was our piece of heaven on earth, she gave whole heartedly of herself to the nurses who took such amazing care of her. We are honored that this award is now part of the Fabulous Fifties celebration and we look forward to honoring pediatric nurses for years to come.

Mentor Award

This esteemed award is granted each year during Nurses Week in honor of Cheryl McGaffic, Barbara Monroe, and Robin Rogers, three of our nursing colleagues who lost their lives in October 2002.

The award promotes the growth and support of professionl nurses in our community and it recognizes a member of the Tucson nursing community who demonstrates significant leadership, skill, and ability in being a role model, coach, motivator, advocate, teacher, and visionary.

You must be a previous Fabulous 50 Nurse to be eligible.