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The University of Arizona's College of Science and BIO5 Institute are proud to once again co-host Science City, spanning the exciting worlds of science and technology. 

Science City, the largest STEM event in Arizona, is designed to spark curiosity, encourage literacy and promote an interest in science.

Visitors of Science City will experience the connection between their daily lives and advances in science, as well as learn about groundbreaking research being done at the UA.


Explore the beauty and diversity of the plant and animal kingdoms that inhabit the earth, and the variety of landscapes and oceans that make up our planet. 

Arizona Native Plant Society: Learn hands-on how native plants connect us to the desert. 

Arizona Water Science Center (U. S. Geological Survey): Learn about Arizona's water resources through the USGS real- time surface and groundwater networks. 

Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum's Teen Conservation Leadership Corps: Learn about the richly diverse Sonoran Desert from teen leaders who believe in conservation. 

Cooper Center for Environmental Learning: Use your senses to experience the wonders of the Sonoran Desert with Camp Cooper. 

El Aribabi Conservation Ranch: Play animal-themed games, join biologists to discover the bi-national ecology of the Southwest. 

Kartchner Caverns, Arizona State Parks: Discoveries of the past, present, future. Adaptations make life possible inside Kartchner Caverns.

Marine Awareness and Conservation Society: Learn how sharks, fish and other creatures play an important role in our oceans. 

The Fin Foundation: Chat with marine biologists and for hands-on learning using ocean artifacts like shark jaws.

Tucson Gem and Mineral Society Inc. (TGMS): Explore the world of minerals and discover how they are used in the products you use every day. 

UA Biosphere 2: Learn about and explore soil and water concepts using our fun, hands-on hydrology models. 

UA Ecology and Evolutionary Biology: Explore the tree of life from cells to animals. Look through a microscope and meet a bearded dragon. 

UA Geosciences: Make your own earthquake and watch a volcano erupt right before your eyes. 

UA Hydrology and Water Resources: Learn how water comes from the ground and about pumping and contamination. 

UA Insect Discovery: Discover the world of insects: Cuddle cockroaches, dig for decomposers, meet local bugs. 

UA School of Plant Sciences, Campus Arboretum: Get to know the best trees for Southwestern climates, attend a guided campus tree tour. 

UA VIPER Institute and Arizona - Sonora Desert Museum: Learn about Tucson's venomous creatures and get a (temporary) scorpion tattoo. 

UA Wildcat Water Lab: Learn how you can keep water safe by doing hands-on water- quality investigations.


Today's science is at the cutting edge: frontiers of space, technology, information systems and more. Discover how scientists challenge today's understanding of the physical world, and are working toward unbelievable mechanisms to propel our future. 

Ironwood Ridge High School, SMART Teams: 
Create and learn from 3-D printed protein models and hear their functional stories. 

MMT Observatory: 
Take a virtual tour of the MMT Observatory, hosting one of the world's largest optical telescopes. 

OSIRIS-REx Asteroid Sample Return Mission: 
Learn about NASA's OSIRIS-REx asteroid-sample return mission, launching in September. 

Pima County 4-H: 
Rockets to the rescue: Using imagination and engineering to solve a real-life issue.

Planetary Science Institute: 
Explore the history and diversity of the solar system and touch meteorites (rocks from space). 

Build a paper rocket with members of UA 4-H and Raytheon. Then, launch it and watch it fly. 

Rincon Research Corp.: 
Watch, listen and discover the 'wireless world' of radio signals that surround you every day. 

The STEMAZing Project: 
Experiment with the space-time simulator to see gravity in action, based on warping space-time. 

Tucson Amateur Astronomy Association (TAAA): Explore the sun: Learn how it formed, see it through telescopes, make a pocket sun timekeeper. 

UA Lunar and Planetary Laboratory Graduate Students: 
Explore the planets in our solar system, discover exoplanets and characterize their atmospheres. 

UA Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, Teaching Teams: 
Explore the nature of light and the structure of comets through hands-on activities. 

UA Mt. Lemmon SkyCenter: 
Observe the sun with a solar telescope, watch sunspots form using iron fillings and magnets.

UA Optical Sciences: 
Learn how light touches our everyday lives with the UA College of Optical Sciences. 

UA Sky School: 
Connecting students to science in the Sky Islands. Programs focus on core UA science areas. 

Vatican Observatory: 
Create a scale model of our unique solar system, compare it with other planetary systems. 

Wilson K-8 Lego Heads FLL Robotics Team: 
Lego Heads presents Lego Mindstorm EV3 Robotics demonstrations and SumoBot Wrestlingchallenges.


Every moment of our lives are shaped by science. It's the air we breath, the cars we drive, the sports we play, and in all of the everyday items we use. 

K7UAZ Amateur Radio Club: 
Speak with people all over the world, discover how to communicate through radio. 

Mad Science of Pima County: 
Join Mad Science for the best in hands-on science experiences. 

Pima Air & Space Museum: 
Learn about the science of flight by making flying paper toys. 

Program to Advance Women Scientists (PAWS): 
PAWS needs your help to solve a crime. Use forensic chemistry techniques to catch the criminal. 

SARSEF: Southern Arizona Research, Science, and
 Engineering Foundation: Discover scientific principles by participating in activities for all ages. 

Statistical Research: 
Be an archaeologist for a day. See how artifacts can unlock the mysteries of Arizona's past. 

Take Charge America Institute: 
Download our mobile car-buying app and use tips and games to decide on your next car. 

UA CALS Cooperative Extension Graham County: 
Washing dollars down the drain: Water counts, take an audit. 

UA Chemical and Environmental Engineering: 
Learn more about the importance of access to clean water and how to get it.

UA Physics: 
Discover how spin creates stable motion through the use of drones, choppers and gyroscopes. 

UA Project WET: 
Explore Tucson's water resources and use problem-solving to learn how to manage them responsibly. 

UA Soil, Water and Environmental Science: 
The 'germ meter' will tell you how germy and yucky your cellphone is. 

UA Water and Energy Sustainable Technology Center (WEST): 
What really happens after you flush the toilet? Talk to the experts from the renowned WEST Center.


Food is so much more than what you put on the plate in front of you. Discover the science behind food growth, consumption, utilization, history, sustainability, and more. Learn how scientists are thinking about food in new ways to fuel our world, cure hunger, create medicine, and promote healing. 

Desert Legume and Seed Banking Program of Boyce Thompson Arboretum: 
Taste legume dishes, learn how legumes benefit health and how legume seed banks secure our future. 

Heifer International: 
Eat nourishing bugs and discuss the power of animal poop while exploring digital agriculture. 

Native Seeds/SEARCH: 
Shell ears of corn, make clay seed pots and join a metatestone grinding demonstration. 

Pima County Master Gardeners: 
Gardening in the Sonoran Desert: Discover how to save water and reduce energy costs. 

The Art Institute of Tucson: 
Discover how different cooking methods and techniques affect the taste and texture of food. 

Tohono Chul Park: 
Discover edible Sonoran Desert plants, sample delicious traditional foods.

Tucson AquaPonics Project: Learn how aquaponics is the easy way to grow great-tasting food using less water, energy and effort. 

UA Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering: 
Precision Ag: Discover how big data, computers and heavy equipment secure the world's future crops. 

UA CALS Cooperative Extension Yuma County: 
Drones in Agriculture- Discover the use of UAV systems and related technology in crop production. 

UA Food Product and Safety Lab: 
Experience the science of food quality and safety through samplings, demos, educational displays. 

UA MycoCats: 
Learn to recycle landscape and post-consumer waste by growing gourmet mushrooms. 

UA Nutritional Sciences Coop Extension Garden Kitchen and Tucson Village Farm: 
Hands-on, mouth-on: Explore food, nutrition and the science of taste. 

UA Peace Corps Coverdell Fellows: 
Collect, filter and use water and waste like Peace Corps volunteers do around the world. 

UA School of Animal and Comparative Biomedical Science: 
Gamers: Play computer games to understand how scientists apply computers to farming and medicine. 

UA School of Anthropology: 
Discover how anthropologists study the connections between people, culture and food.


Discover how the worlds of science and art intersect to provoke thought, wonder, creativity,beauty, and discovery. 

Center for Creative Photography: 
Watch photography develop before your eyes. Join us for a hands-on experience in art and science. 

The Art of Planetary Science: 
Get creative at The Art of Planetary Science. We'll make some truly astronomical art. 

Tucson-Chapter of the International Association of Astronomical Artists: 
See how science inspires art and art inspires science. 

UA Alpha Chi Sigma (AXS): 
Participate in hands-on chemistry demonstrations. 

UA CATalyst: 
Make hexaflexagons by folding paper into triangles and hexagons that flex into surprising shapes.

UA Mathematics Road Show: 
Musical instruments, gears and pendulums reveal the secrets of wave and vibration patterns. 

UA Museum of Art: 
Join us to make paint and pigments from minerals and natural materials. 

UA School of Information: 
Get creative with an interactive, digital, generative art installation.


Unveil the mysteries of the mind, body, and brain to gain a better understanding of not only yourself, but of all human kind. Discover scientific breakthroughs that affect you and those you love. 

Arizona Department of Public Safety: 
Experience the effects of impairment through hands-on participation in field-sobriety tests. 

Arizona Poison and Drug Information Center: 
Poison, venom, danger! Interactive fun about risks of common products and venomous desert creatures. 

Society for Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS): 
Spend a day in the forensics laboratory and see what makes you unique. 

Tucson Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience: 
See real brains, test your taste, eye-hand coordination, reaction times and more. 

UA BIO5 Institute: 
Extract your own DNA, learn the importance of multi-disciplinary research in scientific discoveries.

UA Biochemistry Club: 
Make a lung and conduct your own experiments to learn about biochemistry. 

UA Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES): 
Become a red blood cell and see how your lifestyle choices affect your cardiovascular system. 

UA Health Sciences Center: 
Compare a nonsmoker's lungs with a smoker's lungs in our live, hands-on lung demo. 

UA Health Sciences Library: 
Skeletoni will help you learn about human anatomy. 

UA Immunobiology, BioTech Express: 
Experience wonders in the worlds of microbiology and immunology in the BioTech Express mobile lab. 

UA Linguistics: 
Learn how the brain processes language, see your tongue with ultrasound and your voice in waveforms. 

UA Molecular and Cellular Biology: 
Explore and understand living cells and the molecules of life. 

UA Physiology: 
The amazing heart: What it is. How it works. Why we need to keep it healthy, and how to do it. 

UA School of Mind, Brain and Behavior: 
Want to know more about your brain? Join us for lots of hands-on fun and brain exploration.


For more information on Science City, click here.