Students at Pima Community College will not be immediately affected by their school being put on probation.

PCC’s accreditation remains intact during the two-year probationary period, ensuring that qualified students can still receive federal aid, and that credits they earn can be transfered to other schools.

That would only change if PCC doesn’t fix its problems to its accreditor’s satisfaction by the time probation ends.

The accreditor’s recent investigation of PCC, while harsh in its criticism of the school’s top executives and Board of Governors, found no fault with the quality of the college’s academic programs despite the turmoil at the top.

The University of Arizona, Arizona State University in Tempe and Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff each have said they intend to honor PCC transfer credits as usual during the probationary period.

“Concerns regarding Pima Community College’s accreditation are not related to the college’s academic programs and services,” said a recent letter to PCC from UA President Ann Weaver Hart.

Because academic quality is stable,  “the transfer policies and procedures between PCC and and University of Arizona will remain unchanged,” the letter said.

— Carol Ann Alaimo