• Address them as "Professor" or "Doctor" - not as "Miss," "Mrs." or "Ms.," or "teacher."

• Remember that, ultimately, they control what goes on in their courses, and as long as they are fair in treating students, their word carries.

• Get to know several of your professors. Visit them during office hours and show that you care about their courses.

• If you make a mistake, admit it and don't make up an excuse. Believe me - they have heard all the excuses you can imagine.

• If the class requires participation, speak up about important issues, but understand that "airtime" is not the same as meaningful participation.

U must B kidding

Years ago, while I was in college, one of my professors auctioned the final grades in our class.

A's went for $80, B's for $60 and so on. He collected our checks and went on teaching.

Several students never bought the textbook.

The student newspaper got the story, and the professor was escorted to the president's office and reprimanded. When he came to class and told us this was all a joke, many students refused to take back their checks.

We all had to take the final exam, though, whether or not we had bought the textbook.