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"The best high-five"

John Ward, who coached Christina in Little League for two years, shares how she gave him one of his favorite high-fives ever.

"My favorite memory of Christina is when we were playing in a game (in October) and we were down by a couple runs. We managed to load the bases up, and Christina came to bat. I was coaching first base, and I said to the other team in the dugout, 'Here comes our RBI leader.'

"The other coach kind of chuckled at me because it was a girl coming up to bat, but I meant it. She really was our RBI leader. That was exactly the situation.

"She was pretty anxious, and that led to a bad couple of swings. I could hear her dad say, 'Sit back and wait on it,' and I was saying the same thing. All of a sudden, she kind of relaxed and drove the ball right up the middle to score two runners.

"Just that smile on her face when she got to first, it was ear-to-ear. She gave me a high-five, probably one of the best high-fives I've ever gotten."


• "Remember 1.8.11" wristbands are being sold for $1 each by students at Ironwood Ridge High School.

Proceeds go to the KVOA-organized fund for victims of the Jan. 8 shootings.

You can buy the white wristbands at several locations around Tucson, including Mama's Hawaiian BBQ, 850 E. Speedway, and all 911 Collision centers.

If you'd like to order one - the mail-order cost is $1.50 each - go to the class website at www.amphi.com/teachers/syoumans/memorialbracelets.html

• Turquoise wristbands featuring a peace sign, a heart symbol and the word "Gabby" are for sale at Bohemia, 2920 E. Broadway.

The cost is $1, with all proceeds going to a scholarship fund in memory of Gabe Zimmerman, the slain director of community outreach for U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.

The wristbands were created by two University of Arizona sophomores who work as interns at Giffords' local office.

Proceeds go to the ASU School of Social Work Scholarship Fund in memory of Zimmerman, who earned his master's from the Tucson-based program.

For more information, send an e-mail to peacelovegabby.com