Un oficial del Colegio Comunitario Pima (Pima Community College), quien fue acusado de humillar a una estudiante anglo cuando se quejó de que sus compañeros hispanoparlantes hablaban en clase, sostiene que la acusación es falsa.

David L. Kutzler, director del programa de Enfermería del PCC, dice que ha sido bombardeado con mensajes de odio y correos de voz con "palabras soeces" desde que la estudiante, quien habla inglés, presentó una demanda y ofreció una conferencia de prensa para darlo a conocer.

La estudiante, Terri Bennett, quien tiene 50 años y es de Tucsón, dice que fue suspendida en mayo, después de quejarse con Kutzler y otros funcionarios. Ella se quejó de no poder estudiar adecuadamente debido a que los estudiantes hispanoparlantes hablaban sin cesar y se traducían en voz alta los unos a los otros durante la clase.

La demanda de Bennett está siendo financiada en parte por un grupo con sede en Virginia, que se llama ProEnglish, cuya misión es promover el uso del idioma inglés.

Los críticos dicen que es una organización racista cuyos miembros están vinculados a los grupos de odio antiinmigrantes, algo que ProEnglish niega.

John Munger, el abogado que representa a Bennett, no hizo ningún comentario el viernes 26.

A predator-calling device was used to lure a mountain lion shot to death at Colossal Cave Mountain Park, records show.

Two of three men facing charges in the June incident say they shot the female lion in self-defense and did so after an official at the county-run park told them taking the animal would be OK.

But incongruous and conflicting statements underscore the complexity of what looms as a hotly contested criminal case over the lion killing. In an interview with the Star, Richard Dailey and Martin Melvin Foesterling maintained their innocence.

"In our minds, we were acting under the direction of Game and Fish. We truly believed that we had permission from the Game Department," said Martin Melvin Foesterling, one of the three Vail men cited in the case.

Dailey and Foersterling face a variety of misdemeanor charges in the case.

They said Thayne Lefevre, the park's property manager, essentially gave them the OK when he repeated something he said he'd been told.

The three men allegedly killed an adult female mountain lion June 10 in Colossal Cave Mountain Park southeast of Tucson.

Maximum penalties for the misdemeanors are four months in jail and a $750 fine, Hart said.

A Pima Community College official, accused of demeaning an Anglo student when she complained about fellow students speaking Spanish in class, says the accusation is false.

David L. Kutzler, PCC's nursing program director, says he's been peppered with hate mail and "foul-mouthed" voice mails since the English-speaking student launched a lawsuit over her claim and held a news conference to make it public.

The student, Terri Bennett, 50, of Tucson, says she was suspended in May after complaining to Kutzler and other officials that she couldn't study properly because Spanish-speaking students chatted incessantly and translated aloud for each other during class.

Bennett's lawsuit is being bankrolled in part by a Virginia-based group, ProEnglish, that says its mission is to promote use of the English language.

Critics say the outfit is a racist organization whose members are tied to anti-immigrant hate groups, a charge ProEnglish denies.

John Munger, the Tucson lawyer representing Bennett, had no comment Friday.