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La alta ejecutiva del Colegio Comunitario Pima (PCC, por sus siglas en inglés) Suzanne Miles, renunció a su cargo más de un año antes de que finalizara su contrato de 189 mil dólares.

Un informe reciente de un acreedor cuestionó la ética y capacidad de Miles.

Su contrato actual vence el 30 de junio del 2014.

La partida repentina de Miles luego de llevar 27 años allí es un giro completo para ella, ya que el año pasado le faltó un solo voto para ser nombrada al cargo más alto del PCC.

La investigación reciente del acreedor del PCC dio como resultado un periodo de prueba para la universidad por faltas generalizadas en el gobierno y administración de la misma.

Lee Lambert, presidente del Colegio Comunitario Shoreline del estado de Washington, fue contratado recientemente como el nuevo rector del PCC y se espera que comience a trabajar el 1 de julio.

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After a marathon four-hour closed-door session Monday night, the Sunnyside governing board emerged to give controversial Superintendent Manuel Isquierdo a high approval rating, but no new contract extension.

The board, on a 4-1 vote, agreed Isquierdo met 93 percent of his performance goals, meaning that he will receive that percentage of his $7,500 performance pay. Board Member Buck Crouch voted no.

Board members Crouch and Daniel Hernandez Jr. voted against going into executive session.

Hernandez cited a lack of transparency regarding Isquierdo's contract and a possible extension, saying the board hadn't seen any legal documents or consulted the district lawyer about an extension.

The board will now move forward with discussions at some to-be-determined date regarding an extension of Isquierdo's contract, which expires in June 2014.

"I would thank everybody who put so much work into our year," Isquierdo said. "It indicates the progress we're making."

Isquierdo said he's looking for a three-year extension, which would take his contract to 2016.

He said he expects to meet with board members this week and hopes to have the extension issue resolved before June 30, which is the extension deadline set in his existing contract.

The superintendent said he is willing to subtract the $75,000 from his salary that he used to market the district's Digital Advantage program to other school districts. The Digital Advantage program gives laptops to students in various grades.

His total salary, including compensation, including Digital Advantage, is about $313,000.

Sunnyside Unified is Tucson's second-largest school district.

The "hangover" from the Great Recession will likely be felt for another year before Tucson recovers fully, economists say.

The city has recouped only 36.1 percent of the 33,740 jobs lost during the recession, University of Arizona economist George W. Hammond reported last week during the Eller College midyear forecast.

In 2012, about 5,000 jobs were added in Tucson - a growth rate of about 1.5 percent.

Phoenix and Arizona are recovering a bit faster, but both hit bottom in 2011, Hammond said. Tucson did not hit bottom until last year.

Federal budget cuts will hurt the area because of our dependence on that spending, but Hammond said, "Tucson is headed in the right direction."

He predicted jobs in the Old Pueblo will grow 1.2 percent in 2013 and 1.9 percent in 2014.

UA economist Marshall J. Vest said Tucson needs to stop focusing gloomy outlooks for the area.

Suzanne Miles, the embattled senior executive at Pima Community College, resigned her position with more than a year remaining on her $189,000 contract.

A recent accreditor's report questioned Miles' ethics and competence.

The contract for her current post expires June 30, 2014.

Miles' sudden departure after 27 years marks a cpmplete turn of fortune for Miles, who last year, came within one vote of being named to PCC's top job.

The recent accreditor's probe of PCC resulted in the college being put on two years' probation for widespread failings in governance and administration.

Lee Lambert, president of Shoreline Community College in Washington state, recently was hired as PCC's new chancellor and is expected to start work July 1.